Plea to Humanity on behalf of the Animals

By Cairbar Schutel

You who can see enlightenment within these words that mark the path of Spiritual Evolution; you who do not find yourself anymore enslaved by the material world, seduced and fascinated; have compassion for the meek animals. Do not beat them, do not hurt them, and do not abandon them!

Remember that the Father, in His infinite mercy, surrounds them with affection; and foreseeing the necessities of their immature spirits, gives them abundant harvests free of sowing or planting. 

Here, meadows covered with grass and fragrant flowers; over there, shady woods, plains and plateaus, where the fruits of life are plentiful; rivers, lakes and seas, where the rays of the Sun, the Moonlight, and the light of the Stars shine!  

Be kind towards our lesser brothers[1], as you wish the Heavenly Father to embrace you with His affection and love!

Do not imprison birds in cages - God created them to populate the air – nor trap the animals that dwell in the forests and fields!

Renounce the hunt once and for all; this despicable amusement of inferior souls who rejoice at the death throes of others.

Think that you possibly will have agonizing pains and that, at such times, instead of laughter and joy, you will need balsam and mercy!

Take good care of your animals! Keep them clean, treat them, and feed them generously. Give them rest from the service because they are helping you in life. It is them who assist you in supporting your family, in raising your children!

Caress your horses and dogs; give them medicine in sickness and care in health; freedom and repose in old age!

Do not overburden your animals like the scribes and pharisees did with people by imposing heavy burdens on them; burdens they would not want for themselves!

Remember that animals are living beings that feel and think, that get tired and have limited strength. With their rudimentary language, they demonstrate their vulnerability, their fatigue to the blows of the whips and batons that oppress them!

Be compassionate, because in comparison to the Divine Spirits, whom you beg for blessings and illumination, you also are “beasts of burden” subject to the Law of Cause and Effect[2].

Moreover, pets are your earthly companions. Like you, they reincarnate to progress, to acquire knowledge and learn!  Be their guardian angels, and not diabolic and malevolent beings that surround them with torments, causing them unimaginable sufferings!

Be benevolent towards God’s Creatures, as our Father in Heaven is benevolent toward all of us!

SCHUTEL, Cairbar. "Apelo em Favor dos Animais". Genese da Alma. Matão: Casa Editora O Clarim, 2011. 85-86. PDF.

Cairbar S. Schutel (1868-1938) a Brazilian pharmacist, politician and writer who dedicated his life to Spiritism. He founded a Spiritist Center as well as a small Hospital where the poor were assisted for free. He also founded the newspaper “O Clarim”, in Matão, SP; and, the magazine “RIE – Revista Internacional de Espiritismo”, which are still active.  
Schutel wrote 17 books, among them "Parabolas e Ensinos de Jesus" (Parables and Teachings of Jesus); "Vida e Ato dos Apóstolos" (Life and Acts of the Apostles); and "Genese da Alma" (Genesis of the Soul).

[1]The usage of the term 'lesser brother' was coined by Francis of Assisi; contrary to what the majority thinks, it does not have the intention to belittle or humiliate them, quite the opposite occurs. This term attaches great responsibility to humans. Please remember that the Franciscan Order is called 'Order of the Friars Minor', smaller in humility; so, ‘lesser brother’ in the conception of Francis of Assisi, means that being which is humble, simple and pure in heart.”   Gilberto - “Grupo Fraterno Francisco de Assis”

[2] The Law of Cause and Effect is a moral law; also known as karma.

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