Our Responsibility towards the Animals

When asked about the suffering of animals, Chico Xavier replied:

"Our spiritual benefactors enlighten us that we need to consider that all animals, in their diversity - surrounding human beings in evolution on the planet Earth - are our Lesser Brothers, developing within their own intelligence.

If we humans have already reached the domain of intelligence and now we are developing our intuitive potentialities, the animals, in turn, are improving gradually their instincts, seeking for intelligence.

Just as we humans aspire to someday reach the degree of pure spirits [angels],personified by our Master and Lord Jesus, the animals also aspire to be intelligent and free human beings in the distant future.

We may consider ourselves as older and more experienced brothers of the animals.

Now, if we already know that the divine law has established Solidarity[1] among all beings, we can easily conclude that God has bestowed us humans the guidance and the protection of our younger brothers, the animals.

And, what are we doing with this sacred responsibility of protecting and guiding the animal kingdom?

How is this terrestrial Humanity acting towards them, throughout the centuries of our history?

Have we not perhaps converted ourselves into merciless tormentors of animals, rather than their faithful protectors?

Who ignores that the cow suffers immensely on its way to the slaughterhouse? 

Who does not know that, minutes before the fatal blow, the cattle shed tears of anguish?

Have we not extensively trained certain breeds of dogs to attack and kill?

What to say of the cruel hunting of birds and wild animals solely for the sport of pleasure?

What to say of the meaningless environmental destruction?

All this boils down to serious responsibility for humans!

The anxiety, the fear and the hatred that we provoke on them, alters their spiritual principle natural equilibrium, determining subsequent adjustments in future existences [incarnations], which are manifested as congenital deformities.

The greatest responsibility will fall upon us because, due to our deviant passions, we have not guided the animals through the path of love and progress, according to God’s Will.”

From the book "Mandato de Amor" (Mandate of Love), by Francisco C. Xavier

[1] “It is the Law of Solidarity that the strongest support the weakest.” Heloisa Pires

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