Missionaires of the Light

Spirit Andre Luiz
Psychographed by Francisco. C. Xavier 
Chapter 4
 “Weren’t our tables maintained at the cost of viscera of cattle and birds? Under the pretext of looking for sources of protein, we killed countless chickens and sheep, pigs and goats. We extract their muscle tissues and chewed on their bones. Not content with killing the poor beings that were asking us for support on their path of growth and learning so that they could better tend to the Creator’s work; we increase the skill of millenary exploitation and inflicted on many of them certain conditions so that they could most effectively serve our palate. We place the poor pig on a fattening diet, and the poor animal, often at the cost of waste, had to create reserves of fat for our use until it became completely prostrate under the weight of sickening and abundant lard. We placed geese on a fattening regimen for their livers to hypertrophy, so that we could obtain “foie gras”, unconcerned about the wrongs we are committing, supposedly on behalf of enriching culinary qualities. We felt no sorrow at seeing the touching picture of cows going to the slaughterhouse so that our pans could be filed with a good aroma.” […] We overlook the fact that increasing dairy products to enrich our diet would compromise an uplifting task, because a time will come for earthly humankind in which the stable, like the home, will also be sacred.”

This book can be found at  http://www.ediceiofamerica.com/

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