Concerning the Animals

Abstain from harassing and imprisoning, abusing or killing domestic or wild animals, birds and fish, for recreational purposes whenever you go on trips to enjoy the fields, lakes and rivers, or in obstinate and bloody sportive tournaments.
There are amusements that are true crimes in disguise.

In dealing with the animals to which you devote esteem, control the impulses of over protection and care, in order not to fall into obsessive excesses under the pretext of loving them.

All passion blinds the soul.
Avoid any cruelty towards the animals. Do not make unreasonable demands in order to satisfy your dietary whims nor in the reprehensible refinements of laboratory research. Restrict your actions simply to the natural necessities of life and to the imperatives of that which is just and righteous.
Use edifies, abuse destroys.
Oppose overworking the animals without offering to them a more comprehensive assistance.
Gratitude also demonstrates justice.
When helping the sick animals, use all possible therapeutic resources, without neglecting even those of a spiritual nature that would apply in their own behalf.
The light of goodness should illuminate all realms of life. 
Support, as much as possible, the movements and the organizations of animal protection, through acts of Christian benevolence and human understanding.
All animals align with us in the condition of need before the law. 
“Let all that you do be done with charity.” 1 Corinthians 16:14

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Unknown said...

It's time for us to realize that eating and abusing animals are 2 things that we should stop doing. We don't need animal protein (I'm out of this game for 5 years and all items in my blood test came normal). The spiritist literature has enough information to educate us and to bring conscience about this.

CGuimaraes said...

I completely second that.

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